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I remember when I could call you one of my bestfriends and I knew it was true, I remember when I could text you at anytime and you would reply right when you saw it, I remember when you actually made an effort and wanted to spend time with me.. Now you are moving and you are pushing me away.. in fact you are turning into him.. I don’t want this to be happening but I don’t seem to have much choice in my own life anymore.


Decided to play with the parallel between Scar from Lion King, and Loki. Because when you think about it, they’re very similar. All they want to do is rule the world and look good while they do it.

Black Widow vs. Megara from Hercules: (x)

Hawkeye vs. Robin Hood: (x)

Iron Man vs. Emperor Kuzco: (x)

Captain America vs. John Smith: (x)

Thor vs. Hercules: (x)

Hulk vs. Beast photoset: (x)



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